you can read all the #rugbyunited posts, and what other people are saying on your web browser, or any other device that has access to twitter

Thanks for coming to find out more about #rugbyunited!

Who are we?

#rugbyunited are a dedicated team of rugby fans who love the game. Through our shared love of rugby, #rugbyunited was born. We are not professional journalists and we all have full time careers, we run #rugbyunited because we, like you, love the game! (Read our history at www.rugbyunited.info/about)

What do we do?

We bring like minded individuals together to create easy platforms to get to know each other, discuss the game in detail and share opinions. Currently, this is most centered around Twitter under the hash tag #rugbyunited.

How do we do it?

Through a range of projects, games and initiatives, we continually innovate to bring fans and players across the globe right to your twitter account. You’ll be able to read how we do this more on this web site.

When do we do it?

As #rugbyunited is about users getting involved, and we have a global audience, you’ll find activity on #rugbyunited literally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We run most of our events of an evening or weekends and generally they are well promoted so you never miss out.

#rugbyunited is easy to join in, doesn’t cost you anything and is there for all. Have a read though our web site and then come and check out the tag !

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