Followers of @RugbySaracens voted Alex Goode as their Player of the Season. James from @RugbySaracens met him to present the trophy and have talked about his thoughts about the seasons achievements and his plans for the summer, including his upcoming trip to Malawi to support his mothers Brick by Brick school-building charity.

Alex was quick to say thank you for the recognition given to him:

Saracens fans and supporters are incredible, week in, week out. They turn up at Allianz Park and away from home. I cant speak more highly of them, so to be recognised by them as Player of the Year is a massive privilege especially after the year weve had as a team. Yes, there have been lows, but there have been huge highs and to win the double, for the development side to get to the final, and the Shield guys to win have all been incredible. As a season we couldnt have really asked for more as a club, so to be recognised by the fans in that regard is the icing on the cake.

Alex started at full back in both the Champions Cup and Premiership finals and was named European Player of the Year: quite a season for othe talented 31-year-old.

He reflected, Winning the double hasnt quite sunk in as winning the Champions Cup was such an emotional high. It was billed in the week leading up to it as the biggest game of the decade. The way it happened, coming back into it and winning, it was the best performance I have ever been part of at Saracens. That was huge. Then to do what we did against Exeter where we were really poor for 60-65 minutes and yet we came back and played fifteen minutes of the best rugby we can possibly play and demolished a really class team. The trophies this year they mean everything because I love this club.

Despite all this success though Alex doesnt feel the need to find new challenges outside the club hes been with since joining their Academy in 2006.

Its the only club Ive ever known. I love winning with this group of players and this group of management. From Nigel Wray down, everyones incredible at this club and I love it. I have a huge connection with this club. Some people want to move on and not get comfortable. I dont see it that way. I am appreciated. I love being at the club. I want to give back everything Ive been given. What this club has given me, my family, my friends is priceless. Id love to stay here as long as they will have me. Ive got another three years so I dont want to go away. Its the club I love.

Alexs high regard for the club is evident and in his view, It starts at the top down. You have the nicest most incredible human in Nigel Wray, who runs the club, who has got time for every single person, every single charity. He sets the tone.

After such a long, exhausting but successful season how does Alex plan to relax this summer? After two stag dos and former teammate Tim Streathers wedding hes heading out to Malawi for two weeks. There will also then be another of the famous club squad trips to a European capital city, probably in early August.

I come straight back from [Streathers] wedding and fly to Malawi with my mum for our charity, Brick by Brick. Im really excited to be going out for that. Im extremely proud of what my Mum has done. To have built eleven schools with her late husband David is just amazing. The energy my Mum has for the schools is incredible. Going out last year filled me with complete pride about what she had done. I absolutely loved it. Were going out for about two weeks or so which should be fantastic.

Alex spent a fortnight in Malawi last summer as well, observing the work of the charity and teaching maths to the pupils in one school.

I loved every minute of last year going there. Not only did I learn about lots about myself in terms of teaching, how to teach, about me as a person but also about how I could live without needing too much.

Alex reflected that his future career choices may not include teaching.

The kids are incredible. They listened intently and probably accepted I was the worse teacher they had ever had in maths but we had fun, we enjoyed it.

However, its clear how much the charity work matters to him and how much he admires his mum and her dedication to it.

I always knew what my mum did but I never quite grasped it until I saw it first-hand. It was incredible. I always say if Im half the person my mum is Ive done incredibly well.

Alex will have a joint testimonial dinner on 18 March 2020 in London with his club captain and close friend Brad Barritt.

My mums charity will be a big part of that and shell be front and centre, which shell hate, but shes got a year to prepare to make that speech. Itll be great to shine a light on what she does.

After Alexs near legend status for his commitment to fancy dress, will the testimonial see another Goode special? Not this time, apparently.

I wont be wearing fancy dress for that one. Itll be a nice evening to celebrate our careers and the fact weve played 250, 260, 270, 280 games together. Hes obviously a hero and one of my best mates and someone to play with is brilliant so to celebrate together will be really nice.

Hes told people before though that he wouldnt wear fancy dress and then turned up dressed as The Joker, his favourite outfit hes worn, so perhaps hes just keeping plans quiet for now.

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