Since the Scotland vs England match at the weekend, there’s been a considerable amount of posts and articles surrounding two themes, boos and booze.

Shall we attack the boos first?

First up, nobody reading this is daft, Scottish fans booed English kicks, and some also booed the national anthem, thems facts. However articles by proper rugby writers like Robert Kitson and alleged rugby writers like Stephen Jones have levied the cause if the booing at Eddie Jones, and the time it takes for Owen Farrell to kick. I mean, maybe they are valid points, but if you Google 3 words, England, Boo, Murrayfield, there are articles dating back to 2018, 2016, 2014, 2012 and 2010 on the first few pages all relating to the Scottish crowd booing English kicks. So if Eddie Jones or Owen Farrell’s kick routine are to blame, going back to 2010 when neither with involved, then I can only think there’s a big old time vortex at the gates of Murrayfield.

Yes, Eddie is spiky in interviews, and often says daft things, sometimes meant to be taken with a pinch of salt, sometimes led by journalists for a soundbite but usually with being entertaining in mind. But reading the aforementioned journalists think that the abuse that Jones infamously suffered 2 years ago was justified due to these comments, and that the bottle incident, the video of the fan making the…… erm….. Nescafe gesture at the England players arrival are down to a comment where Jones called Scotland a “niggly” side is baffling.

By the way, in a BBC interview on Saturday they put the niggly quote to Gregor Townsend, who asked twice whether they were trying to make him bite back, the interviewer then admitted they were, Gregor then very politely agreed that Scotland are in fact in your face and niggly! So….Eddie was right then? As agreed by the Scottish gaffer? Didn’t report on that though did you, Mr Kitson, Mr Jones?

After that digression…. back on point. One of the Google searches brings up an article by John Beattie from 2010, where he calls the booing pantomime and says it’s acceptable…. granted it’s 10 years later now, but he’s been tweeting this week about how unacceptable it is. Which has made me a little happier! One viewpoint change is a step towards sanity.

EDITED TO ADD – I’m also aware booing happens at other stadiums and with other nations fans….I’m merely commenting on the drivel that’s been written since the weekend about the particular Scotland v England match. Apologies if anyone has read this as a dig at Scotland, it’s a dig at media shit stirring!!

Before I write 10000 words on the booing, I’ll leave the first point there. A basic overview of part 1. Journalists trying to excuse something thats been happening for a decade or more on the regular panto villains, Eddie Jones and Owen Farrell is simply pathetic, cheap journalism.

The second point is gonna be quicker.

Ellis Genge having a post match beer and having to put up with some stick from the press and social media.

Many of the same press and social media who LOVED sharing the Springbok post match antics at the world cup…. where they had beer. In their pants. But for some reason Ellis took stick for having a quick swig and talking very honestly

Many of the same press and social media that bemoan the robotic, by the numbers post match interviews we usually suffer through.

I put the theory forward that had the result been the other way and that was say Zander Fagerson having a cheeky snifter and we wouldn’t have seen a thing written about it.

One day, rugby media, both mainstream and social, will grow up, stop going for the cheap, sensationalist headlines or Retweets and actually talk about the games. One day. But I won’t hold my breath.

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