6 years back, #rugbyunited had the idea of an international rugby day.

We had a small band go along to watch Moseley vs London Scottish and we hoped it would be widely picked up and would draw people to lower level rugby. Well…. it wasn’t.

But we’re bigger now. We have a massive global contact list, and even though I wanna be Lex Luthor, for this cause, I think we should use our powers for good!

With the current lockdowns across the UK, Ireland, Europe and basically the whole world and seeing entire seasons being cancelled, your local grassroots side will be missing a huge chunk of vital revenue.

So what we are suggesting is that clubs and social media accounts join forces. Let’s promote a weekend where we all go and find a local side. It can be mens, womens, sevens, juniors, wheelchair…. hell, even league if you’re that way inclined. Pay parking, buy a beer or 2, a chip butty, take your family or friends that don’t usually go….get some much needed cash back to these clubs. The clubs can host raffles or a party….. between us all, we CAN raise money!

I’m happy to compile a list of host clubs, addresses and details, we can share it around the blogs, podcasts and social media and direct people to your clubs!

We have already reached out to some of your favourite Twitter accounts and several have already agreed to join forces. #rugbyunited indeed!!!

Obviously right now, it’s impossible to plan a date for this, but if you’re interested, hit me up via either @richc_k or @rugbyunited, even drop me an email rich@rugbyunited.info or leave a comment on here and I’ll start making the list.

All of us owe a debt of gratitude to local clubs. We might already go and support one, we may have played that level, or had family or friends that have, it may even be that your favourite player started out with one of these clubs. But if we lose them as they are financially struggling, we lose a key cog in the rugby machine.


Get on board.

Use the hashtags #IGRD and #rugbyunited so you can follow things immediately, ask your local club if they want to get involved. It won’t make these clubs rich, but it may be enough for some equipment, or repairs….. it will benefit somewhere down the line!!

There are too many negative things going on these days. Let’s put a light at the end of the tunnel.



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