Following the, er, success of my last attempt at doing this, I’ve decided I’d again run a prediction league for the Rugby World Cup, in conjunction with the lovely guys at rugbyunited. I know many people have their own blogs, with their own predictions, but there’s nothing stopping you joining in here, too!

All you need to do to enter is predict the outcome of EVERY match, starting with the group stages and then later with the final rounds once we know who is playing. Please note: you only need to do the group stages now – I’ll send a reminder after the group stages with the QF ties for your picks then. Ditto SF and F.

How do I enter?

Following this hyperlink: RWC TEMPLATE will take you to a template for the group games. Download the template and fill in your predictions, similar to the example shown. Send your predictions to me at: or contact me on Twitter @redmanpe if you have any problems.

(Please use the country abbreviations I’ve used to make it easier for me to track the scores!)

How do I score points?

Points will be awarded as follows:

  • For getting the right winner – 5 points
  • For getting the exact score – 10 points
  • Within 5 points – 5 points
  • Within 10 points – 2 points
  • For predictions of wins over 40 points, you’ll get 1 point extra even if you predicted a 90 point win!

For example:
England v Fiji – Fiji by 20
Australia v Uruguay – Australia by 70
NZ v SA – SA by 1

So say Fiji beat England by 17 points, that would get you 10 points (5 for winner plus 5 for within 5 points).

And if Australia beat Uruguay by 55 points, you’d get 6 points (5 points for the winner, plus 1 bonus point for over 40!).

The last one, say NZ win by 1 – technically you’re within 5 points, but that’s tough. If you don’t get the winner right, you get zero.

Will you be updating us of who is winning every minute of the day?

Basically, no. But I’ll try to post an update of the scores at least once a week although this might depend on WiFi connections and hangovers when I’m in Japan. Once I’m back, I’ll do more regular updates.

What do I win?

Mostly pride, but I’m hoping to arrange some prizes for the end, so there’s an incentive!

Happy predicting!

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